Photographic Studio in Lugano

My Happy Place

Part of the photographic services offered to mothers and fathers takes place in my photographic studio in Massagno, in the district of Lugano. This space is cosy, warm and familiar, equipped with all the necessary equipment to put children and mothers with their babies at ease and take high quality photos. In addition to the photographic equipment and lights, I have several backdrops to offer you different photos in a single session.

Garments and decorations are already available in the studio to enhance every single photography of the Maternity, Newborn and Children, up to 2 years old, sessions: handmade wool blankets, original children’s clothes that remind the vintage style, accessories (props), plush from all over the world, handmade maternity clothes to make every expectant woman feel beautiful and elegant. An all-round array to give free rein to your creativity!


Photography sessions held in the studio include Newborn sessions for infants, photography of expectant mothers, first birthday Smash cake sessions, 2 to 6-year-old boys’ and girls’ sessions. In this same studio I also host photographic services families.