Photography is not just a job for me, it means much more. Photography makes me really happy.

Hi, my name is Yulia, professional photographer specialized in Newborn & Family photos in the Lugano area

I’m dedicated to this job with all my heart with a lot of passion and competence

My name is Yulia and I’m a professional photographer specialized in Newborn & Family photos in Lugano, where my photo studio is, but in general also in all the Ticino area and in Northern Italy. My love for photography began ten years ago, when after several courses of photography and further specialization in the field, I began shooting portraits of families and children.

I myself am the mother of three children and this added value, together with the degree in psychology, allows me to get in tune straight away with the little ones during the photo sessions. Meanwhile Newborn photos were on their way to Europe, and I felt in love with them! I started to study this subject dedicating a lot of time to the safety of the new-borns during the shooting sessions. In recent years I have attended many courses on Newborn and Maternity photography and I constantly update every year by learning from the best photographers in the world both live, moving to Italy or to other foreign countries, and online.

My style is the result of a direct confrontation with mothers and fathers: people with well-defined stories, expectations and preferences, to be evaluated from time to time to understand exactly which direction to go and how to achieve a perfect result. With this in mind, I leave to mothers and children all the necessary time to feel at ease, to relax, to nurse their babies, to change diapers, to give them attention whenever they need it. During my shootings there is no hurry: it will be a pleasant day, full of cuddles and joy!

Every detail of my photo study has been designed to make mums feel at ease. There is a changing table fully equipped with essentials, and a comfortable nursing chair. The coffee/tea machine, various snacks and water. I want my studio to be a happy and comfortable place for you too!

The added value of a photographer specialized in Newborn photography

To entrust my skills means to get the help of a person who has studied and practiced for years photography of new-borns, children, mothers and families. My experience has led me to deepen the art of baby swaddling, a sweet and safe technique, born to make sure the sleep of the new-borns, who a few days earlier were in the womb of their mother. All the positions used during the Newborn shooting are reminiscent of foetal positions, the same that after just 2 weeks of life the new-born baby does not take up very willingly to the point of completely forgetting them within a few weeks.

I also like to find decorative objects and handmade clothing from around the world: over time I bought a variety of Maternity garments, clothes for children from 0 to 2 years, several handmade stuffed animals that children like very much during the sessions, and finally handmade accessories that can enrich every photographic set. Take a look at my photo portfolio and come and meet me: I’ll be happy to sip a cup of coffee with you and chat about your photo session to make it unforgettable!

With love. Your photographer.

Yulia Repchinskaya

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