Newborn Session: How to get ready to live it happily

17 June 2019
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Newborn Session: How to get ready to live it happily

The Newborn session is the most beautiful present you can offer to yourself, to your partner and most importantly to your new-born baby. The pictures taken on this occasion will become an everlasting memory. They can be viewed again and again over the years when the baby gets older. This investment will become more and more valuable, and will confirm itself over time as something of inestimable value both for you and for your baby. However, it is necessary to take into account some important aspects, thanks to which you can enjoy the NewBorn session with serenity and without stress.

The photo session must remain a pleasant moment both for the parents and for the baby, even if the new-born has just come into the world. One of the measures that I take in this regard while working is to keep my studio‘s temperature up to 28 degrees. Parents will dress in layers to feel more comfortable according to their individual preferences. The heat naturally favours the sleep of the new-born: to ensure an optimal rest I suggest to stimulate the baby in the hour before the session, for example holding him in your arms and talking to him without cradling him. It is important to keep the new-born awake and breastfeed no earlier than two hours before the session. In this way the baby, once in the studio can eat calmly and relax until falling asleep easier.

I also suggest to take the dummy with you just in case: even if you don’t intend to use it, it could be very useful to relax your new-born without risking to get him/her used to the different sucking in so few hours. In addition to diapers, don’t forget one or two blankets and a complete change of clothes. As for the outfit, my Newborn service puts at your toddlers’ disposal a series of handmade dresses. Mums and dads can wear a light-coloured t-shirt, or even white or black, preferably in a solid colour for easy matching (remember also the parents’ change).


Other details to help you live the NewBorn service with the utmost satisfaction include secondary variables such as the duration, the presence of siblings and ultimately the use of your own mobile phone. As for the session duration, it usually takes between 3 and 4 hours. Sometimes it may be shorter, but it all depends on the new-born’s cooperation. It is always advisable to respect the new-born’s priorities and never be in a hurry or schedule any other meeting before or after the Newborn session. On the presence of siblings, I am not at all opposed, on the contrary: it is a great moment of sharing even for the firstborn, who would feel excluded if kept at home. The solution?

Take them with you, as long as you make sure they arrive after a couple of hours, maybe accompanied by their grandmother or father. This will prevent them from having to wait long before the photos are taken. Then, if you want to take some pictures with your mobile phone, don’t worry: I just ask, in case of publication on your social profiles, to add the hashtag #backstageyuliaphotography. As for the ideal timing, I suggest booking the NewBorn service one or two months before the presumed date of birth, and calling me within 48 hours from the birth to arrange the appointment in the studio. I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience that you will keep in your heart even when the children have grown up! Contact me without obligation for more details!


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